Saturday, June 16, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Well friends, I am officially home. I actually got home Monday night a little after 10pm. David picked me up from the airport and we immediately went for a hamburger! YUM! Sonic was the only place open, so wasn't the greatest burger ever, but man did it taste better than ever! It felt so good to be able to get off a plane and think, "I don't have to climb back on one of these in two hours!" WOOHOO! My trip started pretty early... Tony and I had to leave the house in Bangalore around 4am to get to the airport on time there... My flight left Bangalore at 6:30am. Something I had never experienced before though is that nobody is allowed into the airport unless you have proof that you are on a departing flight! So because of this Tony was only able to lead me so far, but I had already checked in for the most part online so it wasn't too hard the rest of the way. For my flights from Bangalore and from London I took some Melatonin so I would be able to sleep the majority of the time. It was great! I got window seats on all three of my planes so I was able to sleep a lot, which makes me time go by so much faster. Everything went really smooth on the way home (besides the lack of food... they served fish on the plane and you and me both know that is not edible..) Of course it took me forever to fall asleep come Monday night... I saw 4am but once I finally fell asleep. I was out until my mom came in at 10:30, but I was so excited to see her that I totally forgot about the fact that someone woke me up! We spent the day together and it was so great! We had lunch at the Crumpet Tea room and enjoyed a Mani/Pedi together! WONDERFUL! Later that day David came to Rogers and we took our dogs to the park (really in hopes to be able to see the puppies at the humane society...but it was closed.) Wednesday mom took me to Fayetteville and we went apartment hunting! YAY! I am so excited that I actually found an apartment in my price range! I am excited to be able to move in right after Chicago! I am not having a lot of luck finding a puppy, but I know there will be one just for me at one point in time.. Thursday I got to spend some time with my sweet friend, Stephanie. She is getting married in August so it was really great to get to sit down and talk wedding with her! Woohoo! I am so excited for her and Jason!  And well today is my first day back to work... I have been so exhausted lately that I have been falling asleep at ridiculously early hours so this morning I couldn't sleep past 6am.. My mom left yesterday to go get Cody... So be praying for safe travel back today! 

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